Frequently Asked Questions

Girls Golf of Tucson

What experience is necessary to participate in the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Tucson program?

Girls Golf of Tucson (GGOT) is a developmental program for all levels of players ages 7-17.  No experience if necessary to participate in clinics and girls must attend one clinic or be a Level 2 player for play days.

How to Register your daughter for Girls Golf of Tucson:
(Please note:  If you are using a cell phone, not all browsers will allow you to complete the registration.  We do know the Google browser works)

From the Home page click on the pink button “2019 Registration"
    (that links you to the LPGA-USGA website for the annual registration)
Fill in each of the boxes scroll to the bottom of the page and click "submit"

You should receive a confirmation email from LPGA, which means the registration was successful.
After that you only need to go to the "Events" page on our website to register your daughter for the events, fill out the short form and click "submit."  

What is the annual fee for membership?

Beginning 2019 the annual sign up fee is $15.

Does my daughter need her own set of clubs and a cart?

​Through donations and fundraising, we have raised money to invest in an inventory of clubs and carts for all sizes.  Girls may borrow at set of clubs and a pull cart while in the program.  We require a $15 deposit for the clubs.  The girls may switch out clubs as they grow.

What is the fee for each event?

 All clinics and play days are $9 per event payable at the event.  The event fee goes to help pay for lunch or snacks, tee gifts, green fees, range balls, etc.  GGOT hosts a few special event days--Mother/Daughter event in May and the Father/Daughter event in June which requires a $35 per two-person team fee.   Our Super Girls Golf Day in November is FREE!!

How do I know what Level to start my daughter?

 You may start your daughter in any Level based on your best estimate.  Levels are based on ability, not age.  Refer to the Levels 1-5 on the "About Us" page.  A Level change may take place during the year as assessed by our PGA Professional.

Where do events take place?

 All events take place throughout the Tucson area at junior-friendly courses.

What distinguishes GGOT from other programs?

GGOT is tailored to the needs and interests of the girls.  

GGOT offers multi-levels of instruction.

GGOT offers on-course experience.

GGOT offers several special themed events during the year.

GGOT focuses on FUN!

Parent Volunteers!

We love it when parents offer to help, but it is not required.  If you choose to help at an event, just check the box on the entry form so we know ahead of time.  We will always assign you to a group with an experienced volunteer plus there is an information sheet on the clipboard you receive to give you hints as well.  Based on our experience and to keep things fun for both you and your daughter, we assign you to a group that does not include your daughter:)